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Port Of Arrival
Arrival Date
Nationality Country
Last Name
First Name
Date Of Birth
Town Of Birth
Country Of Birth
Visible Identification Marks
Educational Qualification
Lived In Current Country More Than 2 Years?
How Did You Acquire Your Nationality? Birth (If No Prev Nationaility), else Naturalization
Previous Nationality Country
Passport Number
Passport Issued Country
Passport Issued Date
Passport Expiration Date
Do You Have Other Passports
Home Address
Home City
Home State
Home Zip
Home Country
Is Your Permanent Address Different From Your Current Address?
Fathers Name
Fathers Nationality Country
Fathers Birth Country
Mothers Name
Mothers Nationality Country
Mothers Place Of Birth
Mothers Birth Country
Spouses Name
Spouses Nationality Country
Spouses Birth Country
Has Pakistan Passport
Employer Name
Employer Address
Is Military?
Place Of Posting
Places To Visit
Purpose Of Visit
Port Of Exit
Did You Visit India Before?
Permission To Visit India Ever Been Refused?
Visited SAARC Countries In The Past 3 Years?
Address In India
Phone Number In India
Address In Home Country
Phone Number In Home Country

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